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Project Management Services

Project management services include project planning, project management, and post-implementation review. These services help evaluate, understand, plan, test, and deploy software products. Our service offerings are modular, and can be tailored to each customer’s individual needs and can accommodate specific requirements at a local level.

Establish Project Management Office

The first step Dyconsol takes in deploying a PMO is to assess the current organizational practices and develop a new deployment roadmap incorporating your organization’s culture and operating practices. Our team will work with you to identify, analyze, prioritize, and establish a set of fundamental PMO functions and services. It includes establishing governance standards, prepare the PMO Charter and communications plan, identifying resource needs and performance measures, incorporating the right amount of repeatable delivery processes to fit your culture, and improving the competencies of your staff through training and mentoring. Emphasis is on the PMO providing an organizational entity focused on improving the management of your portfolio.

Operate Project Manage Office

Dyconsol helps you to understand your project goals and establish a structure that will achieve core competency. We will evaluate your existing structure in place and will subsidize as required. We prepare project management methodologies and best practices for enterprise-wide deployment. Performance measures are collectively established upfront with you, and progress toward established goals is continually evaluated via quality and performance reviews.